Sensuva - Crazy Sexy Pleasure Kit

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C'mon. Admit it. Ya kinda dig me. I would too if I saw me holding 50 orgasms and nipple pleasure galore in my hot little hands. ...um, in the kit. ON ICE COOLING AROUSAL OIL BUZZING & COOLING AROUSAL FOR HER Shockingly powerful arousal gives her an exciting sensation that pulsates, vibrates, tingles, and COOLS. It's 100% natural, supports personal lubrication, and contains up to 50 applications per bottle. 5 ml STRAWBERRY NIP ZIP STRAWBERRY FLAVORED ICE CUBE NIPPLE BALM This all-natural balm feels cold and exhilarating when applied to the body, especially the nipples. It makes nipples more sensitive and perky, and has a delicious strawberry mint flavor to make licking and kissing even better! 4 gram

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