Rocks-Off - Quest Prostate Bullet Black

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Quest is your guide in a world of sensual discovery. Find confidence and control on the path to new pleasures. Quest is a slim and unintimidating vibrator for first time prostate explorers and prostate thrill-seekers. Tease your senses for exciting new sexual experiences.You can take control of your own or a partner's pleasure with 10 exhilarating vibration and pulsation settings. Compact and stylish, Quest is designed with the discerning explorer in mind. 100% waterproof, know no limits in the bedroom, bath or shower. Prepare to succeed in your exciting new sexual adventure. Let Quest be your guide. - Ideal for beginners - 10 powerful vibration & pulsation levels - Designed with comfort and pleasure in mind - Fully waterproof - Up to 3 hours of power

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