Joydivision - Joyballs Secret Single Red & Black

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The Joyballs secret single not only a very attractive design! They are also extremely effective! They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a special way, can be easily inserted and are particularly suitable for beginners. Even the patented return loop is worn in the body. This makes the Joyballs secret single easy to remove. You can carry your little secret everywhere, for example when swimming. The high quality material Silikomed is very soft and comfortable to wear. Choose your favorite color with the matching Joyball bag. You will experience the peak of pleasure with your partner in lovemaking. - patented return loop is worn discreetly in the body - whisper-quiet by patented technology - gentle stimulation and more effective training of the pelvic floor muscles with trampoline effect - can increase sexual sensation and increase orgasmic capacity - made from 100% Silikomed body friendly and hypoallergenic - dermatologically and clinically tested - anatomical design - easy to clean - recommended by gynecologists for post-pregnancy recovery and preventive / supportive treatment for incontinence - usable with all lubricants, e.g. AQUAglide or BIOglide - including Joyballs bag - ball diameter: 3.7 cm length: 6.0 cm weight: 45 g.

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