Tenga - Flip Zero 0 Electronic Vibration

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A new generation of Flip Zero is ready to rumble! Rubling vibrations from within the elastomer sleeve bring a sensation from another world to your hands. This is made possible with yet another Tenga-engineered first; two 'Vibrating Cores' housed inside the elastomer. Enjoy Tenga's latest take on vibrating pleasure. - Includes USB Cable. - Charge while drying. - Lamp will light during charging. - Product Size; 70x80x180mm - Packaging Size; 108x121x206mm - Weight; 720 g - Running time; approx 40 min. - Charging time; approx 90 min. - 5 Vibration patterns. - Waterproofing; Product Body and Slide Arms - Fully waterproof (IPX5). Charging base is not waterproof, but small amounts of water during dreying cause no problem (IPX1). - Included parts; poduct body, slide arms, clear case, charging base, USB cable, two pouches of hole lotion real (2x10 nl) and User manual. - 1 Year warranty.

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